Thursday, 19 April 2012

The DFTC Soul Experience

We're delighted to announce news of our brand-new line-up: The DFTC Soul Band

If you're a fan of DFTC and have visited our website recently, you will have noticed our fantastic new photos, taken by our favourite photographer Declan Fleming.

What you may not have noticed is that we've started to offer a brand-new line-up: The DFTC Soul Band.

Essentially, this band is the same as the 9-piece DFTC line-up that you've (hopefully) grown to know and love; however instead of performing such a wide range of music, it concentrates specifically on Soul, Motown, Disco and Pop repertoire for a fantastic and unforgettable party.

We've created this line-up for clients who want funky and energetic dancing music, but who aren't so keen on the swing and big band repertoire - perhaps because it doesn't fit in with the theme of their event. We expect that this line-up will be particularly popular for corporate events, but there is no reason why it shouldn't be perfect for wedding receptions and indeed any other party.

There are a few differences between the Soul Band and the 'regular' DFTC line-up - for starters, we've left the trusty dinner jackets on their hangers and have instead gone for the classy suit and tie look, and the girls have given themselves licence to glam up with colourful dresses!

This band will also feature backing vocals, provided by the instrumentalists in the band.  This gives a fantastic, 'authentic' sound and feel to the Soul and Motown repertoire we perform and is already proving very popular.

Finally, we can also offer The DFTC Soul Band as a 10-piece line-up, with two lead singers - delivering even more energy and impact than the regular 9-piece band!

To find out how our Soul Band can transform your event or party, get in touch today!

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