Wednesday, 23 November 2011

32 days left until Christmas....

So with only 32 days left until Christmas, people across the country are gradually falling into two camps. Are you in the mindset of "it’s Christmas! I must start my shopping and listening to Christmassy music!" - or are you more of the opinion that people should calm down, forget about Christmas shopping and wait at least another four weeks until they get excited about the festive season?

Well in the world of Down For The Count, we have been thinking about Christmas since about September, and probably even earlier for Mike! The very exciting reason for that is we are getting ready for ‘A Very Down For The Count Christmas’ which is an evening of live music, dancing and general festive merriment! Everyone in the band is getting ready for this gig, and all of our friends and family are looking forward to coming to see us play, as it’s one of our rare public gigs!

Mike has just finished doing all the Christmas arrangements, so he’s been well and truly thrown into the Christmas spirit. But how can you avoid the spirit when you’re immersed in wonderful songs such as All I Want for Christmas Is You, Santa Baby and…well, if you want to hear more you’ll have to buy a ticket and come along and watch!

- Claire

A Very Down for the Count Christmas
Winslow Public Hall, Winslow, Buckinghamshire
Saturday 10th December 2011

Doors 7.30pm, Live Music 8.15pm - 11.15pm
Drinks available from the bar
Tickets £8 (adults) and £6 (concessions) - available online at,
or by phoning Mike on 07855 488462

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